A new presidential power

And an explanation of where cartoonists get their ideas...

One of the most common questions a cartoonist gets is where he or she gets his or her ideas. (Guys, we need a new pronoun that covers everybody and when you come up with that, let me know and then I can drop all this “he or she” jazz.)

Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for hypocrisy because it makes for good cartoons.

The Republicans are supposed to be for limited government, but they’re about to say what Donald Trump did — using foreign aid for his own political purposes — was OK. That’s not a good precedent and opens up the door to a lot of future hijinks and shenanigans which sounds like it ought to be the name of a comedy club, not a new presidential power.

But let’s get back to hypocrisy: Republicans believe government should be limited right up until you want to smoke a joint.

If you’re a Republican and this cartoon pisses you off, rest assured I’ve drawn plenty of cartoons about the Democrats’ hypocrisy. Democrats believe a woman should control her own body right up until she decides to use it to become a porn star.

We’re all hypocrites to some degree: we believe in something like Free Speech right up until someone uses it to say something we don’t like.

I believe pointing out hypocrisy is healthy and forces us to think about what we actually believe and whether it matches what we say.