Sign stealing: what's OK and what isn't

Here's the version that I wrote for the Kansas City Star...

If you’re thinking, “Hey, didn’t Lee write about sign stealing back in November?” congratulations, you’ve got a pretty good memory.

Here’s the deal:

This baseball season I will be writing for the Kansas City Star occasionally, but will also write stuff that appears on my own blog. At times — and it looks a lot like this is one of them — a version of what I write here will also appear in the Star or on their website.

The bad thing about writing for a newspaper is they need stuff to be a certain length and they tend to frown on the use of profanity which really cuts down on my vocabulary. The good thing about writing for a newspaper is someone (at least theoretically) reads your stuff before it’s posted so maybe they’ll catch those typos I seem to include at least once in every article.

(Swear to God, I just caught a typo in that last paragraph and almost left it in as a joke.)

So anyway…yeah, once in a while I’ll do something here and a version of it will run in the Star so do me a favor and click on whatever you see because Lord knows we can all use the page views.