The changing of the seasons...

Thursday afternoon I was out for a walk when some dude headed the opposite direction said: “Springtime!” He said it from more than six feet away so no worries about the coronavirus and he was right; it was a very nice day.

If the AccuWeather calendar is correct, that day it reached a high of 75.

And if my phone is correct, it’s currently 27 and it adds the helpful hint: “Feels like 23.” If Thursday was springtime, two days later it’s winter again. So not only do we need sports for entertainment, with climate change making everything screwey, we need sports to know what season it is.

In the spring they’re supposed to play meaningless baseball games and meaningful basketball games and some small college from Horse’s Breath, Wyoming is supposed to go on a run and wipe out a couple favorites that took the Horse’s Breath U team too lightly.

I hope things return to normal in the next few months and they play the World Series because otherwise I’ll never know it’s Fall.