The medical expert...

As anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention already knows, Donald Trump has a very casual relationship with the truth: they might be seen together on occasion, but they’re certainly not going steady.

The tendency to make stuff up is OK when lying about your golf score, but not what you want in a president who is currently holding almost daily press conferences to inform the nation of the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s a link to a CNN story about Trump’s most recent “misstatements” which is the word we now use when someone lies their ass off.

If you don’t accept CNN as a reliable news source and prefer Fox News, here’s a link to a story about Trish Regan, the news host Fox News decided to part ways with after she dismissed the coronavirus pandemic as an “impeachment scam.”

Ms. Regan has said she now intends to focus on misinforming her family. (OK, I totally made up that “misinforming” her family thing and I’m pretty sure that streak of honesty disqualifies me from ever working for Fox News.)

You might think getting rid of Trish Regan shows Fox News won’t tolerate people who misinform the public, but Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are still employed and – as far as I know – still full of it.

At some point you have to decide which media source you’re going to trust and even though I’m a liberal some of the CNN hosts’ sneering attitudes bother me. Just give me the facts and let me decide whether they’re sneer-worthy.

There’s been a lot to sneer about lately and unfortunately, every time Donald Trump gives a press conference he adds to the supply.