Where have all the leaders gone?

Most of us have seen the painting that depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence. LA Times cartoonist — the late Paul Conrad — once drew an empty Independence Hall with the cutline: “Where have all the leaders gone?”

That cartoon was drawn decades ago and things have only gotten worse.

Mitch McConnell called the House Democrats’ impeachment drive “the most rushed, least fair and least thorough” in history and then held a hearing without witnesses. Senator Joni Ernst has suggested that maybe the Republicans should impeach Joe Biden if he gets elected.

As Jonah Goldberg wrote — and things are batshit crazy when I find myself agreeing with that dude — partisan impeachments are only bad when the other side does them.

And if you want to be mad at the Democrats, keep in mind they pushed for impeachment when they knew they’d never get 2/3s of the Senate to go along. It’s all been a dog-and-pony show that allows people to get up and make speeches and attempt to score points for re-election.

Nobody can cooperate or compromise with the other side or it will be used against them. Just imagine today’s politicians trying to work together and agree on a Declaration of Independence or a Constitution; we’d still have a king.

Paul Conrad asked the right question.